Saturday, May 2, 2009

Almost there...

I couldn't help but reflect upon how until I work on a new version of something, I never realize how wrong the previous version was. That's not to say I'm any less mistaken in my opinion of current work, as this process can go on ad infinitum.

That said, hopefully this has improved since my last post (still not finished with it):

And why not, here's a rendered version of the bass, which is only interesting due to the fact that all of the texturing is done procedurally.

(7/16) Slight update on the character (haven't worked on this since May):


  1. dude your work is REALLY AWESOME!!!!! o_o!!!!!!!!!

  2. proceedural?? thats rediculous.

    share you tips man! looks great! keep it up.

  3. "share you tips man!"

    Oh man.

    I may post some rendering tips in the future, but procedural texturing, to the extent I did for that project is not something I recommend. Which is to say it's not worth the trouble unless you happen to have lost your mind. Which is to say I've completely lost my mind.

  4. I love it! render looks amazing

    as for losing your mind, i can relate. Probablly in a different way, but hey in how many ways can one lose their mind?
    oh well Have a great summer. hope to see more work!

  5. so i think, alon gilbi is pretty cool :)